Nutrition for Ultra-Running

What can you expect?

This uniquely tailored course has been created by runners, for runners and will be provided by a fully accredited BDA Registered Dietitian with a masters in Sports Science, who specialises in nutrition for adventure and endurance athletes.

We do not offer anecdotal advice, but evidence-based quality information backed by the latest science; all references will be cited. Support materials will be provided and available throughout the duration of the course.

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High Performance Dietitian have carefully crafted these courses to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to develop sound nutrition strategies to reach their optimum performance, something which has never been offered before. We will discuss common problems and barriers to progress and examine methods that can give your training and recovery the boost it needs in order to gain that performance edge. This is the only course you will ever need to do in order to learn about sports nutrition to transform your training!

Who is this course for?

  • Existing ultra runners who would like to learn how to optimise their nutrition for both training and races.
  • Ultra runners who experience GI problems during training or races.
  • Ultra runners who want to learn strategies to maximise their recovery.
  • Individuals who identify that improving fuelling strategies can give a sporting advantage.
  • Ultra runners who are need some additional help to sustain their fitness and nutrition whilst in Covid-19 confinement.

What will you learn?

  • How to correctly fuel your training
  • How to boost recovery
  • Injury prevention
  • Hydration
  • GI issues
  • Managing changes in training and lifestyle limitations (with regards to confinement)
  • Race day nutrition strategies
  • Essential day-to-day behaviours – the importance of getting the basics right.
  • Yes! The information we provide will be able to be personalised for yourself and applied to your training and lifestyle. The registration form will ask you to outline these details so that we can accommodate you within the information we provide and make recommendations where appropriate. Any additional concerns or in particularly complex cases, we recommend that you request a phone call to discuss further.

  • No problem! The live videos will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook group so no-one will miss out. Not only this, but the High Performance Dietitian team will be checking in regularly and Rebecca will be present in the group for 30 minutes once a week to answer any questions that may arise once you have had a chance to digest the information in the live video; anything you are unsure of can be discussed at these times.

  • Not at all! If you simply would like to attend in order to learn more for when you are planning something big, you are of course welcome. This information will serve you a lifetime!