Personalised Nutrition Services

Eat like a pro with our personalised, one:one nutrition services. If you are serious about making a lasting change to optimise your fitness and performance, you’ve come to the right place.

Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs have been designed to support you through the changes you want to make to your nutrition and health behaviours, from knowing where to start and how to make sustainable changes, right through to adapting what to eat based on your changing daily activity levels.

Your goals, lifestyles and activity levels will all be different but one thing we hear time and time again from our clients is how hard it is to know where to start, that the information out there is overwhelming, that it’s hard to stick to changes long term, unhealthy habits creep back in, that you know what you should be doing but struggle to actually do it. That’s where we come in.

Our carefully designed 12 week coaching programs are based on over 20 years of experience and applied practice. We will help you identify where to make easy changes that will have the biggest impact, support you to make those small, easy to implement changes, build on what you are doing well already and help you create healthy habits to ensure the changes are sustainable within your lifestyle, with results seen in as little as 2 weeks!

  • Step 1


    Starting off with a full picture of your current nutrition, activity level and goals, this is where we identify the initial small, easy to implement changes that you can start to make straight away, building on what you are already getting right. We don’t just tell you what to do, we help you understand how to do it.
  • Step 2


    Through regular contact with your dietitian, we will ensure the changes you are making are practical for your lifestyle, personalised to your goals and reflective of your training load. Additional changes and behaviours will be introduced when you are ready to take them on consistently – we won’t overwhelm you with information or difficult tasks at any point in the program. Easy to implement, personalised, practical changes only – this is our commitment to you!
  • Step 3


    We provide you with resources and information that will empower you to understand how to manage your own nutrition and tackle problem areas, so you remain consistent once we taper off our support. The work we do here will serve you a lifetime.
  • Step 4


    Standing on top of the mountain, crossing the finish line, alleviating stomach problems, training strong, bouncing back, feeling amazing – not only do we guarantee that following our coaching program will give you a greater chance of achieving your goals, it will support your general health and energy levels with improvements seen after just 2 weeks!

Let this be the last nutrition service you ever use! Our programs are for athletes of all abilities (not just elite!) who enjoy endurance/adventure/mountain sport and who have identified that nutrition is key to seeing real improvements, but don’t really know where to start, need help to personalise their nutrition or learn how to make (and sustain) the changes. Contact Us to find out more about which program is right for you.

Meal Planning Services

Time and time again we found our clients grabbing hold of their 7-day meal plans and not letting go, with results following soon after. Essentially a personalised guide on what to eat and when designed around your specific goals, your meal plan takes the hard work out of getting it right.

You will receive a personalised 7 day menu (or multiple 7 day menus) including meals, snacks and timings, which meets your energy demands, supports your performance, optimises your recovery and maximises your training. Based on your day-to-day life and around training, work and home, we will make it as easy as possible for you to eat the ideal food to meet your goals. If you simply want to be told what to eat, then this is the option for you!

Nutrition Planning for Your Event

We will provide you with guidance on WHAT and WHEN to eat and drink during your event, helping you to plan, practice, prepare and personalise your nutrition plan for your race, summit attempt, expedition, multi-day trip or big mountain day. You will feel more confident when the big day comes that your nutrition plan works for you and will support your efforts. We guarantee to increase your chances of success by maximising your energy levels, helping you avoid or alleviate any stomach issues and boost your enjoyment, safety and overall experience.

This package includes

  • A Pre-Consultation form to be completed by you requesting details of your race/trip/expedition/big mountain day.
  • 30min phone consult
  • We will provide you with your personalised event nutrition guidance plan based on your unique requirements and goals.


[ADD ONS: 30min phone consult, gut training strategies digital download (coming soon!), How to Get the Basics Right download, and more]

Personalised Nutrition Plan for Your Training

This plan works extremely well for people following a training plan or working with a coach. 

Discover what to eat and when around your specific training to help you optimise your energy levels and bounce back from training quicker. You will turn up to training feeling strong, knowing you will get the most out of it to maximise your training gains. We will help you feel in peak condition for the real thing. We will work with you to identify nutrition changes that will have the biggest impact towards the results you want and guarantee you will see progress within 2 weeks of making small, easy to implement and consistent changes. 

Understand what to eat and when around your training, optimise your energy levels day-to-day, adjust your nutrition intake to support an increase in training, refine your nutrition for during training, along with maximising your recovery so you bounce back quicker between training sessions…all whilst supporting any body composition goals. 

This program, in addition to supporting your training sessions, will help to boost day-to-day energy levels, help with weight management and improve your daily nutrition.

This all in one package includes

  • Pre consultation form to be completed by you prior to the initial 30min call.  
  • 30min initial phone consult.  
  • Nutrition guidance document – Provides detailed direction on how to personalise and optimise your nutrition for day to day and nutrition for around your training.  
  • A personalised 7 day meal plan- This incorporates your specific training and is based on your already good nutrition intake and dietary preferences.  
  • 30min phone call review within 4 weeks to check in with your progress and help you refine and further personalise your nutrition for your training.  
  • All guidance provided is designed as a long term resource so as your training and goals adjust you will be able to adjust your own nutrition to suit.  


[ ADD ONS: Hunger and fullness scale, additional meal plans, 30min review calls, downloadable resources ]

30 minute phone consultation

If you just need a little one:one time with a dietitian to ask a couple of questions and make sure you are on the right track, we slots available with Rebecca – an opportunity to fact-check, myth-bust and double check that you are barking up the right tree!

High Performance Dietitican
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Her knowledge as a dietician is second to none
    I was so very fortunate that I found Rebecca. Not only did she provide me with a nutrition plan, but she also ensured that my day on the court was broken down per hour, so I knew what I should eat and drink to keep going and to recover. Her knowledge as a dietician is second to none. But it goes much more than that! When you have Rebecca with you, it is literally like she is by your side, pushing and willing you on! Yes this maybe her profession and business, but she is incredibly passionate about her work and one of the most loyal, sincere and down to earth people you will ever meet. She is extraordinary and I would not hesitate to ask for her help again. Thank you so very much Rebecca
    Robyn Moore
High Performance Dietitican
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