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Whatever your physical ability or sporting experience, our expert sports nutrition services will help you optimise your endurance, maximise your performance and prepare for your next challenge.

We are experts in translating the latest sports nutrition science into personalised, easy to implement strategies to help you reach your full fitness potential.

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With our expert knowledge and working experience in nutrition we can help you avoid the overwhelm of trying to figure out what to do and where to start. We provide you with nutrition guidance that’s personalised to you, with easy to action, practical changes that fit around your lifestyle.

Applying mainstream diet plans and nutrition strategies to endurance and mountain sports is notoriously challenging – and when your fuelling options are further limited by extreme environments or remote settings, the challenge can feel even greater.

Since 2010, we have built our reputation as the endurance and mountain nutrition experts. From our base in Chamonix, Europe’s mountain sports capital, we support mountain lovers, endurance athletes, adventurers, sports coaches, sporting associations, teams and brands around the world to get the most from their performance.

With our track record of working with Olympic athletes, race winners, leading outdoor brands and client summit successes, we are the best choice to help you succeed.

We bridge the gap between your training and your peak performance…


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  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Rebecca has helped me so much to understand and improve nutrition
    I have been working with Rebecca for many years now. I'm fascinated by food and also love eating...Rebecca has helped me so much to understand and improve nutrition.
    Shauna Coxsey, GB Climber, Tokyo Olympics 2022, Nutrition for Performance
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Thank you Rebecca Dent for contributing to the Arc’teryx Chamonix Community
    You have this ability to connect with the audience and tailor your seminars to the interests of the group. Not only you give us practical tips, such as how to re-fuel efficiently during endurance sports but more importantly you share well being facts & advice which are valuable takeaways for our everyday life!
    Arc’teryx Chamonix Ambassador Isabelle Santoire - IFMGA Mountain Guide
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Rebecca is a true professional – she is friendly, approachable and flexible.
    I started working with Rebecca in 2019 in an attempt to better gain an understanding of the nutritional needs to support my athletic goals particularly in the context of mountainous ultra-running. I was at all times impressed with her ‘food-first’ approach and the application of fundamental scientific principles –there were no fads or ‘marginal gains’. Rebecca enabled me to develop a long-term nutritional strategy to support multiple and varied performance goals (both training and racing) rather than focusing on short-term goals. I certainly saw my overall performance improve over the period I worked with Rebecca.
    Josh Bakker Dyos - Ultra runner, Winner of Ultra Trail Snowdonia 2021, High Performance Coaching Program for weight loss and performance
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    I did it!!!
    Not only did I smash it but my nutrition was spot on!! Absolutely spot on! Thank you so much.
    Milly Matheson - Marathon des Sables
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    It was a proud moment to see my name in the finisher list of The New York Times Marathon section.
    As trying as the race was so relaxed was the recovery. I could walk down stairs no problem the following day already. Exhausted but sailing through for the week after. I'm sure that has been the much-harder training regime with more focus on strengththan ever aided by the diet that got me bouncing back so quickly. I've drawn up my provisional race and event calendar for next year now. Onward!
    Werner Kranenburg - Marathon & Ultra Runner
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    I now understand what, how much and when to eat and this has made a crucial difference allowing me to recover from training sessions as well as enhancing my performance.
    Rebecca provided me with a detailed nutrition plan to support my training needs and also gave me excellent guidance and support implementing this plan. Rebecca is both personable and professional – a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to any athlete who wishes to learn more about nutrition to enhance their performance in sport.
    Katie Thompson - Triathlete
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Rebecca has produced successful nutrition plans for some of my races in extreme environments
    She actually listens to her clients and then produces intelligent, practical and individualised advice that can be used in the field.
    William Sichel - World Champion Ultra Runner
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    Thank you for preparing a nutrition plan for my climb up Kilimanjaro.
    I feel good and everything is good...your plan was fantastic. You were so instrumental in getting me this far!
    Ben Sigler - Mountaineer
  • High Performance Dietitian Testimonials
    I sought [Rebecca's] expert advice and worked closely with her to formulate a new strategy to meet my nutritional requirements.
    It was an overriding success, and I haven't looked back since... I would wholeheartedly recommend her services
    Harsharn Gill - Ultra Runner
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